When our pilot episode begins, it’s seven years since the events shown in “Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth” and John Oldman now calls himself John Young. No longer with Sandy, he’s contentedly teaching at a small college when a group of devoted students seem to stumble onto his secret. Taking no chances, John prepares to leave the school but his plans go awry and he finds himself in a crisis.

We also learn that Art Jenkins wrote a book about the fateful night when John told his friends the truth of his existence. Insisting that it was a not a novel but a true story, Art was discredited and has grown bitter and resentful, anxious to once again confront John, if he could only find him.
And thanks to Art’s book, there are other people who want to know more about this mysterious “immortal.”

Soon John finds himself in the heart of a terrible conflict between what he knows to be right, and the limits of any man's humanity.

John has spent so many years… centuries… with his head kept down, keeping his profile low while teaching students and helping people when he could. But what if the changes in recent years have made that more difficult, even impossible?

Where could John go to hide? In a world where security cameras and social media track our every move, how do you remain unseen, especially when there are people looking for you? How do you continue to teach, to help… to do the things which are essential to your humanity?

How does a man who values privacy above all deal with the loss of his anonymity?

And beyond that -- what if the changes to the Earth have taken an unexpected toll? What if, after fourteen thousand years, John Oldman is... aging?